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An introduction to our school.

Ole Vig Upper Secondary School is located in the centre of Sjørdal, a small town in the middle of Norway. The school is one of  the biggest in the county of Nord-Trøndelag with a staff of 230 and some 1200 students. The school offers two academic specialization programmes and eight vocational programmes. In addition the school has a technical college and offers adult education.

The name Ole Vig is not chosen at random because Ole Vig was a famous person from this town working in the middle of the 19th century to enlighten the people and to make every citizen able to have an education.
Historically the town of Stjørdal is of great interest. In the middle of the 16th century Olav Engelbrektsson, a famous archbishop, practically ruled the whole country for a short period from Stjørdal.

Rock carvings from the Bronze Age are also characteristic of this area illustratinghow important Stjørdal was in former times. Three men from one of these rock carvings is the logo of the school symbolizing the link with the past.

At the beginning of WW II the Germans had a hard time fighting a troop of brave Norwegian soldiers entrenched in an old fort called Hegra Festning.

Ole Vig Upper Secondary School has as its main policy to be a good school open to new ideas and impulses for the benefit of both staff and students and not least forthe entire region.Moreover, it is also an important task to give priority to student democracy and student exchange on an international level.

Over the last ten years Stjørdal has become one of the administation centres of Statoil. Owing to this and the development of other kinds of industrial actvities, the number of inhabitants is increasing, which in its turn create challenges Ole Vig Upper Secondary School has to deal with.

Ole Vig VGS Besøksadresse: Ole Vig videregående skole, Gymnasgata 2, 7505 Stjørdal
Postadresse: Ole Vig videregående skole, Postboks 254, 7501 Stjørdal
Tlf: 74 17 55 55 E-post: postmottak.olevigvgs@trondelagfylke.no